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(Also available in Faridabad, Delhi, Gurugram and Noida)

Appliance Repair Center is providing Best home appliance services in Faridabad. To sort out the problems of loving people, It is offering its services not only in Faridabad city but also in Delhi, Gurugram and Noida too . Moreover, This repair zone has highly expert technicians who deal with LED/LCD Repair, Refrigerator/ Fridge Repair, Microwave Repair and Washing Machine Repair.  To know more about these services click on the link and get information of best home appliance services in Faridabad in detail.

Having display problem? Screen Problem? LED with no sound put up? Smart TV not connecting with Wi Fi?
Either you can call to Appliance Repair Center or you can leave a message to get service , Our Technician will help you accordingly to  your problem.

Washer drain is not working? Giving leakage problem? Washing machine not spinning? Facing any kind of problem, then talk to us to fix washing machine issue on follow number and also get experience of best home appliance services in Faridabad.

  • Fridge/Refrigerator cooling problem
  • Temperature Control Thermostat
  • Condenser problem

etc. Don’t worry! First of all, pick your phone and dial 9212944844 and get best appliance service in Faridabad, Delhi, Gurugram and in Noida too.

Microwave turntable not turning? Stopped Working? Sparking inside microwave? No light inside? Pcv/keypad/touchpad problem. Find solution for Appliance care by giving a call to get best home appliance services in Faridabad.

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General Queries!

We repair most major brand’s LED/LCD TV repair,  Microwave oven repair, Refrigerator repair and Washing Machine repair.

Work is determined based on the job that needs to be performed, not by the hour.

Yes, We have all days service hours, Monday-sunday from 10 AM to 8:30 PM. Call for details

You can directly call on number shown on website or fill out the form, and a technician of our center will get in touch with you . 

Yes, we give 3 months repair warranty.

On some top mount freezer refrigerators, the problem can typically be a plugged defrost drain funnel or defrost tube. Some models allow access to the defrost drain area where the funnel can be removed and cleaned.

Here are Some warning signs to look for to know when your appliance must be replaced:

  • It is not able to start. That is, you can’t turn on the appliance.
  • It is not operating properly or has become slow in its functions
  • Your utility bills are no more easy on your pockets! An appliance that is not properly working consumes a lot of electricity to keep working.

There can be a number of issues for the problem. Might be that thermostat or the refrigerant is low. There can also be glitch with the control boards.

For any assistance, just pick your phone and contact us for refrigerator repair services, we will be right there at your doorstep.

It is recommended to do a service wash once every 3 months.

There can be many issues of the problem. One can be a thermal fuse. While the other can be that the microwave has a faulty high voltage diode or magnetron, which are responsible for producing heat.  Whatever the problem , make a call to us and get service at your doorstep.

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